CNC machining

Check out our offer for comprehensive CNC machining. We guarantee the highest quality of machining, using advanced equipment, handled by our experienced team of specialists.

Advantages of CNC machining

CNC machining, in contrast to conventional procedures, is carried out with the use of modern equipment. It is equipped, among other things, with a special control system, which enables very high precision of machining. For this reason, it is necessary to program the device properly before starting the whole procedure. This is when all the most important factors, such as roughness or material type, are taken into account. Each device of this type memorizes the settings made, so it is possible to work quickly, if we process materials according to the same parameters several times in a row. Devices for such modern processing are also able to remove unnecessary small parts without the user's intervention.

This makes the development of materials with this technology extremely accurate, and the surfaces being worked on are properly finished and free from splashes or unevenness. What's more, despite this high efficiency, CNC machining machines have a very low margin of error. There is no need to worry about wasting materials that have not been properly prepared, which usually ends with them being thrown away. Since each project is executed according to the same data, all machined parts present the same level of quality.

Thirty years of professionalism

Jamet has been providing comprehensive services related to the treatment of steel elements since 1984. Every year, the group of our satisfied customers is joined by other companies, both smaller ones, that have just started their business, as well as the most renowned brands such as Fiat. We approach each of the orders individually, not imposing on the client one, fixed price for services. Instead, the valuation and processing range is agreed between the customer and our specialists. This guarantees you not only the highest quality of services, but also competitive prices.

What CNC machining equipment do we have at our disposal?

In order to provide you with the highest level of services, Jamet regularly expands its machine park with the most modern equipment. We have the advanced CNC SMTCL VMC1000 milling machine at our disposal, with table surface 1000 x 500 mm. We also have the highest quality lathes, coming from the most prestigious brands on the market, such as Heid, Poręba or Colchester. Each of them has different parameters, allowing our specialists to work on a wide range of elements. We also use an integrated NX CAD/CAM system, which ensures the highest possible efficiency.

We encourage you to contact us and start cooperation. We guarantee the most effective CNC machining in the Silesian Voivodeship, professional advice from our experts and attractive prices, adjusted to each order.